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Home Office Phone Services

"Your phone service has been indispensable.  It's the best investment we've made.  We are consistently complimented on the professional presentation when clients call our 800#."
- Joe Escobar, Escobar & Escobar -

250 Free Minutes Offer

Professional Voice Talent
Voice Mail Features
Company Greeting
Hours of Operation
Auto Attendant/Voice Menu
Order Taking
Company Directory
Music On Hold
Follow-me Call Routing
Call Announce/Call Screening
Caller ID
Vmail to Email Msg. Delivery
Fax Mail

...and much more!

Voice Mail That Means Business
WorkEasy's voice mail and virtual office toll free phone services was designed to help you look bigger and serve customers better- leveling your competitive playing field and giving your customers the confidence they need to do business with you.  WorkEasy also offers many invaluable, real-life problem solving voice mail features (like Call Announce/Call Screening and Hours of Operation) that make launching and/or running a business from a home office easier and more enjoyable - for everyone involved!

"Our WorkEasy line has enhanced our credibility 100 fold.  Thanks WorkEasy for partnering in our success over the past four years." - Empowerment Unlimited -

Voice Mail That Fits - Now & Later
Unlike other voice mail phone services, WorkEasy's toll free voice mail & virtual office phone service is fully customizable to meet both your current and future business needs.  And most changes can be made to your service on the fly so your business can quickly adapt.

WorkEasy's Voice Mail and
Virtual Office Advantage
  1. Project a larger, more professional corporate image.

  2. Let callers choose what they want from your own menu of options.

  3. Distinguish business calls from personal even if they ring in on the same line.

  4. Have "after-hours" calls go straight to voice mail.

  5. Screen callers without their knowledge.

  6. Have calls follow you wherever you go.

  7. Offer callers easy access to all of your geographically dispersed team members.

  8. Handle multiple simultaneous calls.

  9. Listen to voice mail messages right over your PC - or call in from the road.

  10. Receive faxes on your same toll free number and view and print them right from your PC.

We're Here To Help!
WorkEasy has years of experience helping thousands of Entrepreneurs, just like you create a professional virtual office solution that helped make their business a success. Together we'll create a professional phone service that you will be proud of!

"My WorkEasy service makes my company look and sound professional...From the first contact with my representative continuing through an upgrade etc. I was treated incredibly well...Thank you for the professional advantage"
David Frost, Instant-lease

Where To Start?
Try our nifty Instant Quote tool. It will ask you a few basic questions to help figure out how you want your calls handled (the same basic questions our Sales Reps. ask over the phone). It then itemizes which features you need and how much your customized solution will cost.  If you're ready, you can then proceed with your order, or you can continue learning more about WorkEasy's professional voice mail and virtual office phone services and place your order later.  Click here to view our nationwide coverage areas.

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