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Why Minute Packages are a Bad Deal for You

Minute Packages almost always cost you more!  Most folks want to buy a minute package because they think that's how they are going to save a lot of money on their rate per minute.  Competitors lure you in with gimmicks such as "Prices as low as...!" only to discover that in order to get that low, low rate you have to purchase a million minutes a month that don't roll over.

In reality, you end up either over buying minutes and paying for minutes you don't use (pure gravy for the provider) or under buying and paying a much higher rate per minute for calls that go over.  Our competitors love minute packages and push them as a great deal because they make a ton out of you either way.  We know because we use to offer minute packages but quickly learned it was a bad deal for our customers and ultimately a great source of frustration for them.

Remember as a dynamic, growing business you will probably have dramatic fluctuations in your usage from month to month when you consider your ramp up time, advertising runs, seasonal and holiday influeneces, adding employees etc.   Value conscious users know it's best to pay for ONLY what you actually use and take the guess work out of your monthly usage projections.

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