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How Can A Toll Free Number Increase Your Bottom Line?

Toll Free Number

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Unless you're a local business only doing business in your local area then it's just good business, and good for business, to offer your callers a toll free means of reaching you. Here's why:

  • Increased Response Rate - If a customer is given a choice between calling a toll free number and paying for a long distance call - they'll invariably call a toll free number. Wouldn't you?
  • Image - It's a perception thing...but toll free numbers are mentally associated with larger companies who almost exclusively use toll free numbers because of their many benefits. By using a toll free number you put yourself in very good company and are unconsciously perceived by customers as a larger, more credible company.
  • Customer Service - If you inquire about a service aren't you more likely to take your time to learn what you need to know to make a decision if you're not worried about the cost of the call. It's human nature. This becomes even more important when dealing with a disgruntled customer. Customers can be just a little less upset when they're not having to pay for a long distance call to deal with a perceived mistake on your end. Either way, customers are just happier when you give them an 800 number to reach you.
  • Portability - Unlike standard lines which ring at one location (i.e. your home phone number rings your home or your cell number rings your cell phone), a toll free number can point to any number you desire at any time. This is indispensible if you're on the go at all where it can follow you throughout the day and really great if you ever have to move (no need to change your business card, letterhead etc.)

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