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With WorkEasy you can seamlessly integrate all of your geographically dispersed team members by giving each person in your organization their own Extension number off of your toll free number. So, just like traditional offices, each person in your "Virtual Corporation" can be easily reached by dialing just one number and entering the desired three digit Extension or selecting the appropriate option off of your voice menu.

A typical Virtual Corporation is usually setup with a company greeting followed by a menu of options. Based upon your caller's selection, WorkEasy will handle the call appropriately. Here is just one example of how WorkEasy can be setup to handle your company's calls.

Sample Application

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"Thank you for calling Data Design, experts in database management consulting. If you know the extension of the person you wish to reach you may enter it at any time.

  To dial by name, press 1.
  To speak with someone in Sales, press 2.
  For Technical Support press 3.
  For Accounting, press 4.
  Or, you may press 0 or stay on the line for assistance."
    Features Utilized:
  • Base Package ($14.95)
  • Virtual Assistant ($10.00 includes Company Greeting & 1 Extension)
  • 2 Additional Extensions ($5.00 each)
  • Auto Attendent/Voice Menu ($10.00 includes first 3 Options)
  • Accounting Dept. (extra option $5.00)
  • Voicemail to Email delivery ($5.00)

Total price for above sample configuration: only $49.95/month plus usage

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I hear when a call rings through to me?

When you answer a call from WorkEasy, the system greets you and announces the call, "WorkEasy call for," (name of the individual or Department selected), from (city and state call is from). WorkEasy then gives you several call screening options. Of course, you may make your selection at any time during the recording. For example:

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"WorkEasy call for Sales from Pheonix Arizona.
  To accept the call press 1,
  To send it to voicemail press 2,
  To have the caller continue to hold press 3,
  or press star to hear the callers phone number."

What does the caller hear during this time?

As soon as your caller makes their selection from your menu they hear a pleasent recording saying "One moment please," and then they listen to a professional music on hold program - NO dead air, NO innappropriate music, NO controversial talk radio, NO advertisments promoting anyone elses business!

What happens if I don't answer?

If your line is busy or rings no answer, WorkEasy will automatically send the caller to voice mail (or attempt to reach you at a second number and then send it to voice mail). If you select to have hours of operation and a caller tries to reach you or a Department that points to you "after hours", WorkEasy will send them straight to voice mail without ringing you first.

What if I need to transfer a call I answered to another Extension?

No problem! All you do is tell the caller that you will transfer them back to the Automated Attendent where they can then enter the new desired Extension number to be transfered...then you hang-up. It's that simple! WorkEasy will send the caller back to your menu where they can then enter the new Extension number desired.

Can I forward a message I received to another Extension?

Sure can! WorkEasy allows Extensions to copy or forward voice mail messages to each other, with or without a comment, and even send messages to one or more individuals without having to dial each person directly.

How hard is it to add or delete Extensions as personnel change?

WorkEasy enables you to easily manage changes in your workforce by giving you the ability to quickly add, modify or delete any Extension on your account without charging any change fees or having to wait for days for the change to be made.

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