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Order Entry Mailbox (OEM) User Guide

Your Order Entry Mailbox(es) is where your customers' orders are stored.  Each Order Entry Mailbox (or OEM) has a unique three digit access number associated to it just like an Extension or Department.

To log in and listen to your orders:

  1. Call your toll free number.
  2. Press the star key ( * ) during your company's greeting message.
  3. Enter your 3 digit access number, 4 digit pass-code and then the pound sign ( # ).

When you log in, the system will tell you how many new orders you have and then immediately go right to the first order. At the beginning of each order the system will tell you how many responses (or answers) you have received from each caller so you will know whether you have a complete order or not.

You can step through each response individually, write down the information and then go to the next response or you can listen to the complete order in its entirety with each response automatically played sequentially with a pause between each one. With the latter, you can control how slowly or quickly it steps through each response.

Here are the options you have when reviewing your orders:

1 Repeat response 2 3 Play next response
4 Repeat entire order 5 Delete entire order 6 Skip current order
7 Turn auto-play on/off 8 Slow down auto-play 9 Speed up auto play
* Exit 0 Order date and time # Hear instructions

Please note that you cannot save an order (the same way you can a voice mail message) so if you do not delete the order you will hear it each time you log in to review new orders.

As always, if you have any questions about how to review your orders please call customers service at 1-800-967-5327.

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