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Toll Free Voice Mail Phone Answering ServiceWorkEasy is the ultimate Virtual Assistant... it's never sick, it always answers professionally, it doesn't take breaks and it will even answer and handle multiple simultaneous calls to your number so no one will get a busy or ring-no-answer! We'd like to see a receptionist try that!

A WorkEasy Virtual Assistant answers incoming calls with your company or personal greeting and then asks the caller to hold a moment and then plays a professional music on hold program while the system attempts to reach you at your current ring-to destination(s). If you want to give callers the option to bypass out dialing you, you can instruct them in your greeting to simply press 0 at anytime to leave you a message. Here is an example of how WorkEasy can be setup to be your ultra professional and reliable Virtual Assistant.

Sample Application

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"Thank you for calling Dan Smith with SafetyNET Insurance, your personal expert for all of your insurance needs. Please hold one moment while we transfer you to Mr. Smith."
    Features Utilized:
  • Basic Service ($19.95)
  • Virtual Assistant ($10.00 includes 1 Extension)

Total price for above sample configuration: only $29.95/month plus usage

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What Happens Next?

Immediately following your initial greeting your caller will hear a pleasant recording saying "One moment please," and then they listen to a professional music on hold program - NO dead air, NO inappropriate music, NO controversial talk radio, NO advertisements promoting anyone else's business!

What do I hear when a call rings through to me?

When you answer a call from WorkEasy, the system greets you and announces the call, "WorkEasy call for," (your name), from (city and state call is from). WorkEasy then gives you several call screening options including hearing the telephone number the call is from. Of course, you may make your selection at any time during the recording. For example:

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"WorkEasy call for "Dan Smith" from Phoenix Arizona.
  To accept the call press 1,
  To send it to voicemail press 2,
  To have the caller continue to hold press 3,
  or press star to hear the callers phone number."

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