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When you first sign up for service you pay the appropriate setups fee(s), your prorated first months recurring (for the remainder of that month) and some extra amount that's up to you (such as $30, $50 or $100) to cover your upcoming telephone usage.  At the end of every phone call the system calculates the cost of the call and deducts it from your available funds.

When your funds run low then the system will automatically charge your credit card on file whatever amount you pre authorized (such as another $30, $50 or $100) to replenish your funds.

You will also receive an email letting you know each time your card has been charged for AutoFund, in addition to your monthly statement, so you can monitor your expenses through the month.  Going forward, your monthly recurring fee is also automatically charged to your credit card on file on the first of each new month.

We do not offer minute packages because we feel they are a lose/lose for customers. Customers end up either under buying and running out of minutes and then paying a premium for additional minutes used or overbuying and paying for minutes they never used. We know, we offered minute packages in the past. We feel paying only for the minutes you use is only right. So, whatever prepaid funds are available on your account roll over month to month.  And, it's your money, so if and when you leave the service we immediately refund any available prepaid funds back to your card on file.

FYI - If you run out of funds your account is automatically suspended and WorkEasy will play a "friendly" message notifying callers that the number is being "checked for trouble" and to please try their call again later. If you hear this message when calling your number you need to contact customer service to make alternate payment arrangements to replenish your funds (i.e. use a different credit card).

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