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Call Announce / Call Screening

Call Announce & Call Screening

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  • Call announce / call screening informs you which department your customer is calling for.
  • Visit our faq section for answers to common questions.
  • Professional call handling is important to your success.

WorkEasy and never get blind sided by a business call again! Imagine answering your phone and hearing this:

"WorkEasy call for Sales from Seattle, Washington. To accept it press 1, to send it to voice mail press 2, to have your caller continue to hold press 3, to hear who's calling press star..."

That's what you'll hear when you answer a WorkEasy call! This feature has received more compliments from work-from-home professionals than any other WorkEasy feature offered!

Here's why:

  • Never get blind sided again! Immediately distinguish business calls from personal even if they ring in on the same line.
  • Give your family the freedom to answer the phone without worrying that they may "mess up" a business call. They can either give it to you if you're around or simply hang-up to send it to your voice mailbox if your not - even the kids can handle that!
  • Know who's calling from virtually anywhere in the United States before you even speak with them. Our National Caller ID works on any phone (including cell phones) and you don't need any equipment or special service from your Bell company to use it!
  • Accept only the calls you want and send unwanted calls straight to your voice mailbox without callers ever knowing they were screened.
  • Gain extra time to prepare for special calls by pressing 3. WorkEasy will continue to play music and hold messages to your caller giving you time to prepare - just press 1 when you're ready to connect.
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