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Call Transfer

Call Transfer

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  • Transfer any of your calls to a member of your virtual team.
  • Call transfer is 1 of many features included with our Virtual Assistant / Ring you.

Need to transfer a caller to another person in your organization. No problem! With WorkEasy there are no codes to remember, flash hooking or embarressing moments.

Just tell your caller that you'll trnasfer them back to the auto-attendant (voice menu) and instruct them to then dial the desired parties three digit Extension number.

When you hang up they will automatically be returned to your voice menu and then be able to dial the desired parties Extension number.

That way the call will go to the person current ring to destination, option second number and their voice mail box if necessary.

You don't have to worry about dropping them in the transfer, or all the other embarrassing and non-caller friendly things that happen when the rest of us try to transfer a call.

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