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Extension With Mailbox

Extension With Mailbox

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Give customers easy access to all your geographically dispersed employees!

"If you know the extension of the person you would like to reach you may enter it at any time..."

Designed for today's true "virtual corporations", WorkEasy's extensions make it look as though you and all of your employees are sitting together in a big office while you may, in fact, be dispersed across town or across the country! You may have up to 899 extensions in the range of 100-999.

Each WorkEasy extension comes with it's own:

  • changeable ring-to-destination which can point to any phone number in the U.S.
  • an optional secondary destination to track you down, handle overflow calls, or route to a live answering service or fulfillment center.
  • a voice mailbox with an "open" and optional "after-hours" mailbox greeting.
  • hours of operation which can override your accounts main business hours to accommodate employees in different time zones (literally of course) as well as different work habits.
  • Do Not Disturb setting.
  • outbound dialing option to eliminate the need to use expensive and complicated calling cards.
  • Email notification of a voicemail message.

Benefits of Extensions:

  • Allow callers to quickly and easily reach a specific person in your organization no matter where they are in the country.
  • Extensions can change their ring-to destination seamlessly, without your callers and fellow employees having to learn new contact numbers.
  • Present a larger, more corporate image.
  • Create a true virtual office making it appear to customers as though you're all sitting in the same building even though you may be dispersed throughout the entire country!
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