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Fax Mail

Fax Mail

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Eliminate the need for a costly additional dedicated line for a fax machine.

Now you can receive Fax documents 24/7 using your same WorkEasy toll-free number!

WorkEasy will detect any fax sent to your assigned number and automatically receive it and then either forward it to you via email or store it for later retrieval.

If you choose to have your fax mail forwarded to you via email you can open the email attachment and view or print it right from your email browser.

If you call in to retrieve your faxes (if you're on the road for example), WorkEasy will tell you the number of pages in the fax, the city and state (and optionally the phone number) it came from, and then deliver it to any domestic fax number(s) you enter.

FaxMail benefits:

  • Eliminates the need for a second line.
  • Allows you to have "single-number service".
  • Works great for travelers (receive your faxes when you get to your hotel, copy center, or airport).
  • Faxes can be delivered to a fax number or to an email address as an email attachment and viewed and printed from our proprietary Fax Viewer.
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