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Fax On Demand

Fax On Demand

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  • Read how fax-on-demand and other marketing techniques can help you meet your customer needs.

Give customers instant access to your brochures and company information via fax!

You don't need a separate fax-on-demand service with WorkEasy! All of your fax documents can be simple selections right off your voice menu of options. No complicated document numbers required! For Example:

"To receive a complete brochure package including pricing press one, to receive a sign-up package press 2, to receive a WorkEasy User Guide press 3..."

Key Benefits of WorkEasy's Fax on Demand:

  • You may offer up to 28 different documents up to 10 pages each.
  • Callers receive the requested document(s) within moments of their request.
  • You can call into your WorkEasy toll free number and send your fax documents to clients just by entering their fax number (great for when your on the road).
  • Documents are digitally stored so they always look fresh and clean with no skewing or paper jams.
  • Fax documents can be easily updated.
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