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Follow Me Call Routing

Follow Me Call Routing

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Have the ability to take your calls personally instead of having them going straight to Voice Mail.

If you're available you can choose to take the call...if your line is busy, rings no answer or a device answers (such as an answering machine, fax or modem), WorkEasy will automatically send them caller to your voice mailbox so they can leave you a message.

If there are times you don't want to be bothered, just call your Admin. Menu and enable the do not disturb feature.

Have your calls follow you wherever you go (or redirect them to someone else for awhile) by simply dialing into your toll free number and changing your ring-to-destination to whatever number you want in the U.S. (cellular phones included).

Changes in your destination remain completely transparent to callers so they'll never know whether your sitting at your desk or by the pool!

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