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Hours Of Operation

Hours of Operation

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  • See our sample scripts for a after hours greeting example.
  • Click here to learn about our voice talent pricing.
  • Need help trying to figure out what hours to stay open, see timeanddate.com to see your customers hours.

Get a life!

That's easier said than done when you run a small business.

WorkEasy can help by allowing you to define the times-of-day and days-of-week that you want business calls to be able to ring through to you.

Calls that come in to you while you're "open" will try you at your current ring-to-destinations first. Calls that come in "after hours" are sent straight to your voice mailbox so your caller can leave you a message (you can even record an after-hours mailbox greeting to let callers know what your hours of operation are).

Each Department can have its own hours of operation. Also check out the Do Not Disturb feature for temporary privacy even when you are open.

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