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Make Changes On The Fly

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You know what they say, "In life, only two things are certain, death and taxes". Despite how well you plan your phone system setup, chances are something's going to have to be modified.

It may be as simple as changing the email address WorkEasy sends your messages to or adding an Extension for new person or perhaps even redesigning your voice menu prompts.

Whatever it is, it's not a big deal.

You can change several things on your own, such as your ring-to destination (the phone number WorkEasy sends calls through to), and Do Not Disturb feature etc.

Other changes you can simply email or call us about and we can almost always do them on the fly with you on the phone or the same day and respond back to you via email.

And their is never a charge to change something in your account unless it has an actual cost associated with it such as adding a new Extension.

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