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Give your callers toll free, single number access to you, your partners and employees and all of your offerings via your own "customer friendly" nationwide toll free number!

Benefits of using a WorkEasy nationwide toll free number.

  • Companies offering a toll free number generally appear to be larger and more established than businesses without one.
  • Customers are more likely to call if offered a toll free number rather than incur a long distance charge.
  • Customers can dial just one number to reach you and any of your partners and/or employees wherever you are!
  • You may use your assigned toll free number in all of your advertising and printed literature.
  • Your toll free number won't change if you you won't have to go through the hassle and expense of updating all of your printed and published literature and contacting all of your customers with a new number.
  • If and when you decide to leave our service (usually because you do so well you outgrow us and have to buy a huge phone system for all of your employees) we will even make your assigned toll free number available to you for a nominal fee.  Just check with a helpful representative for instructions on how to properly transfer ownership of your assigned WorkEasy number to you.
  • If you already have a toll free number you would like to use with our service, we can "port", or move it over to us. If and when you choose to stop using our service we will immediately release the number back to you at no charge upon satisfaction of account balance if any.

While we do NOT own a database of vanity numbers that spell something (like our own 1-800-WORK-EASY), we will be glad to attempt to secure one for you if it is available for a nominal fee. We would view the number as yours at that point and release it to you at no charge if and when you leave the service.

As the popularity and demand for toll free numbers has increased the availability of true 800 numbers has decreased and thus new exchanges (such as 888, 877 and most recently 866) have been made available. The result is that original 800 numbers have become scare and nearly as precious as vanity numbers.  While the general public has come to recognize that the new numbers (888, 877 and 866) are also toll free numbers, an "800" number has an almost nostalgic appeal and make a company with one appear older and more established.  Because of this, WorkEasy offers true "800" numbers, when available, for a slightly higher fee.

Please keep in mind that any toll free number makes the same important statement to your customers - that you're a professional, customer service minded company (and that you obviously want their business more than the other guy who doesn't offer them a toll free number).

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