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7 Things You Should Know About
Voice Mail - Before You Buy!

  • Voice Mail minute packages are actually a BAD deal for you and a GREAT deal for the service provider!  Read more
  • "Unlimited Calls" offered by some companies are not actually unlimited!  Read more
  • Getting hundreds of voice mail boxes included in your package is only a good deal if you actually need hundreds of voice mailboxes - most small business don't. So why do competitors throw them in?  Read more
  • Offering your callers a toll free number can actually increase your bottom line.  Read more
  • With WorkEasy, all your calls go over crystal clear digital phone lines, not the Internet! Why does it matter?  Read more
  • Many businesses benefit from paying a professional voice talent to record their company's messages for them.  Read more
  • WorkEasy is the oldest and most trusted virtual office phone service provider in the nation.   Read more
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