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WorkEasy - a Pioneer in the Virtual Office Voicemail Industry.

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  • Learn how virtual teams are becoming an effective way of doing business.
  • See our many virtual office features that will help your business succeed.

Did you know WorkEasy was the first virtual office phone service provider in the nation?

In addition to being the first, and only, virtual office service for several years, WorkEasy has remained the leading innovator of real life problem solving solutions including the first company to develop and offer:

  • Virtual Extensions for geographically dispersed personal
  • InfoBoxes (play only mailboxes to provide automated info 24/7)
  • Departments (giving small companies a bigger presence)
  • Automated Order Entry Mailboxes (allowing entrepreneurs to take orders without taking calls)
  • ... and much more!

Today WorkEasy continues to develop exciting new features that empower entrepreneurs with tools to help them make their venture a success while giving them the freedoms to enjoy what they do more.

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