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Unified Messaging System

Unified Messaging System

WorkEasy Advantage
  • In business since 1988!  WorkEasy is the industry leader and most trusted name in virtual office services.
  • We Earn Your Business - NO term commitment, NO contract, NO minimum usage!

WorkEasy provides your business with a professional image through innovative and affordable voicemail solutions.

It's a Serious Solution!

Customers often form their first impression of a company by how their call is handled.  If you run a small business it's critical for you to dispel customers immediate concerns about your size, longevity or even your integrity!

Unified Messaging System Features

  • Toll Free Number
  • Voice Menu of Options
  • Virtual Departments
  • Audio Brochures
  • Call Screening
  • Extensions for Colleagues
  • Follow Me Call Routing
  • Fax Mail
  • Voice Mail to Email
  • Fax on Demand

It's Powerful

In addition to giving your small business a corporate polish, WorkEasy was specifically designed to solve the many unique problems you face everyday trying to work from home and on the road.  WorkEasy enables you and your employees to seamlessly separate business from pleasure without sacrificing either.

"... Our trainers work from home-offices across the country and we needed an easy way for customers to reach us, as well as an economical way of communicating internally. WorkEasy gives us the big company perks for the small company budget. My employees love it, I love it, and most importantly, our customers love it!"

It's Flexible

Because a small business tends to be very dynamic, it's critical to have a solution that's quickly and easily adaptable to changing business needs.  A solution that adapts to your business... not one that forces your business to adapt to it!  WorkEasy offers you more flexibility and control than any other solution on the market.  And unlike most providers who simply resell someone else's solution, WorkEasy is our own proprietary solution that we developed from the ground up.  That means we have complete control over every feature we offer.

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