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Vanity 800 Number

Vanity 800 Numbers

A vanity 800 number is a great addtion to your marketing efforts and will boost your sales and enable you to sell more effectively because it instantly brands and communicates what you do. A vanity 800 number makes it easy for your customers to contact you - without having to look you up in the yellow pages. Potential customers easily can commit your number to memory which means more calls for you.

Call us now at 1-800-WORKEASY to speak with a representive who can help you get started, or send an email to service@workeasy.com and a service representive can get you answers to the questions you may have.

Studies have proven vanity 800 numbers are more likely to recieve a phone call then a standard phone number. Vanity 800 number name recognition makes your company more identifiable than that of your competitors. When a customer identifies with your vanity 800 number your company will have a significant advantage in your market sector.

Have you ever tried to remember someone’s license plate number? It is usually a group of scrambled letters making it difficult to remember. As you know a vanity license plate makes this task much easier. These same principles apply to a phone number. A phrase is much easier to remember then scrambled numbers.

A vanity 800 number gives you:

  1. Stronger Market Presence - It will make your business seem larger and more established which is proven to be a real advantage.
  2. Brand Boost - A quality number, like a good domain name creates instant respect.
  3. Customer Recognition - They are easier for customers to remember which will promote repeat orders, and increase word of mouth customer referrals.
  4. Credibility - Companies that are more accessible seem more trustworthy in the minds of your potential customers.

You may have noticed that 1-800-WORKEASY has an extra digit, thats ok. Only the first seven digits register. It doesn’t matter if the caller dials the extra digit(s) or not. You still receive the call. Chrysler uses 1-800-Jeep-Eagle, which has two extra letters. So, if the vanity 800 number you have in mind has extra digits it will still work for you. Chances are we do not have the specific number you are looking for, but we will assist you in the process of acquiring the toll free number you want.

Are you an existing WorkEasy customer and have found a vanity 800 number that you would like to use. WorkEasy can switch your existing toll free number with your vanity number, so contact a WorkEasy service representative.

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