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Company Profile

Thanks for your interest in WorkEasy.  We appreciate the opportunity to partner in your success and look forward to serving you!

Mount Rainier

WorkEasy Corp. is located in beautiful western Washington State not far from the awe inspiring Mount Rainier.


Our Mission

To provide you with the most professional, powerful, flexible and reliable communications solution custom tailored to your business - significantly increasing your ability to succeed while, at the same time enabling you to enjoy what it is you do more!

Our Future

Of course we're darn proud to be the "first" virtual office/corporation phone service provider in the nation, as well as the leading innovator of real-life "problem solving" features for small business start-ups, but we're not resting on our laurels!  We're busier than ever creating exciting new features that will continue to help make your business a success and your life even easier and more enjoyable!

Our History

WorkEasy Corp. is a privately held company formed "way back" in 1987 as Digital Promotions, Inc.  We were passionate about improving the way businesses communicated with their customers, so we set out to change the world.  We pioneered award winning, leading edge technology that redefined how large inbound call centers operated, including several industry notables such as AT&T, GTE and Western Union to name just a few (pardon the blatant name dropping, but, as they say, "it ain't braggin' if it's true!").

Round about 1994, after countless request for advanced call processing features from much smaller businesses, we decided to focus instead on the "little guy".  We got really excited with the idea of empowering small businesses with the same advanced, "customer coddling" call processing features we had been providing to large corporations, minus the cost and complexity.  By 1995, we had completed our initial version of the WorkEasy Platform and subsequently introduced the first "virtual corporation" phone service designed specifically for home-based and geographically dispersed small businesses.

It didn't take long to realize we had found our true calling in life and we worked feverishly to make the service the most powerful, flexible and reliable small business communications solution on the market.  In 1997 we went all out and changed the company's name to "WorkEasy Corp." to demonstrate our commitment to our new passion.  Over the years WorkEasy Corp. has established itself as an industry leader, but more importantly, the most trusted provider of virtual office voicemail services in the nation.

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