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Automated Order Taking And Answering Service

Take Orders In Your Sleep!

Order Taking and Toll Free Virtal Office Business Answering Service

WorkEasy was the first provider in the nation to offer entrepreneurs the ability to provide their callers with information and take orders around the clock without actually having to take calls! Today WorkEasy's Automated Order Entry Mailbox remains the most powerful, flexible and most importantly, User Friendly solution available to small businesses.

A typical Automated Order Taking system is setup with your company greeting followed by a menu of options. Based upon your caller's selection, WorkEasy will handle the call appropriately. Here is just one example of how WorkEasy can be setup to handle your orders.

Sample Application

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"Thank you for calling Vita Vitamins, the all natural alternative for better health. If you know the extension of the person you wish to reach you may enter it at any time.

  To listen to information about our exciting all natural products press 1.
  To place an order now via our automated order entry system press 2.
  To speak with a helpful sales representative press 3.
  For Customer Service, press 4.
  Or, you may press 0 or stay on the line for assistance."
    Features Utilized:
  • Basic Service ($19.95)
  • Auto-Attendant ($10.00 includes 3 Menu Items FREE)
  • 1 InfoBox (included FREE)
  • 1 Order Entry Mailbox (included FREE)
  • 1 Department (included FREE)

Total price for above sample configuration: only $29.95/month plus usage

Sample Order Entry Mailbox Script

An Order Entry Mailbox requires an introductory and closing statement to guide your caller through the process. This introductory message can optionally be followed by up to 60 seconds of music which allows the caller to gather any necessary information such as a credit card before proceeding with placing their order. The caller may press any key when they are ready to proceed.

The Order Entry Mailbox may ask up to 23 individual questions. The caller speaks their response after each question and has the opportunity to hear their answer and rerecord it if necessary.

Recordings for the Order Entry Mailbox must be recorded by the WorkEasy Voice Talent at this time as a user interface does not yet exists to allow the end user to record these messages. Please see Pricing for current rates.


"Thank you for choosing Vita Vitamins for better health! You may pay for your order with your VISA, Master Card, or American Express. We will now hold for up to one minute to allow you to gather your credit card information. You may press any key when you are ready to proceed.


Please speak clearly and spell any words that may be of difficulty to us. Please press one after each response to proceed to the next question."

Question 1
"Please speak and then spell your first and last name, and then press 1."

Question 2
"Please speak and then spell the complete address you would like your order shipped to, and then press 1."

Question 3
"Please tell us which vitamins you would like to order today identifying the name and quantity of each item, and then press 1 when finished."

Question 4
"Please speak your credit card number, and then press 1."

Question 5
"What is your credit card's expiration date?"

Question 6
"Please speak and then spell the exact name that appears on your card, and then press 1."

Question 7
"Please tell us the address your credit card statement is mailed to if different from your shipping address.  If it is the same, please say same, and then press 1."

"Thank you for your order. Your Vita Vitamins will be shipped promptly and should arrive at your home within the next 1 to 2 weeks. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your order please call our customer service department.  Thanks again and have a healthy day."

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my orders?

WorkEasy records your callers' answers to each of your questions and saves them in a concatonated voicemail file. You can either call in and listen to your orders over the phone or we can email them to you as a WAV file attachment with the Voice Mail to Email delivery feature. If you call in to listen to and transcribe your orders, WorkEasy gives you very nice controls that allow you to step through each answer at your own pace making sure you get the information down correctly (speed up, slow down, skip, repeat etc.). When you listen to your orders over the web WorkEasy will play a tone between each answer and you can use your PC's media player functions to pause, repeat, fast forward etc. If you have your orders delivered via email you have the added advantage of being able to keep the orders indefinaetly in your email browser for future reference in case a credit card number is transposed etc.

What do I hear if I choose to have calls rings through to me?

When you answer a call from WorkEasy, the system greets you and announces the call, "WorkEasy call for," (name of the individual or Department selected), from (city and state call is from). WorkEasy then gives you several call screening options. Of course, you may make your selection at any time during the recording. For example:

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"WorkEasy call for Sales from Pheonix Arizona.
  To accept the call press 1,
  To send it to voicemail press 2,
  To have the caller continue to hold press 3,
  or press star to hear the callers phone number."

What does the caller hear during this time?

As soon as your caller makes their selection from your menu they hear a pleasent recording saying "One moment please," and then they listen to a professional music on hold program - NO dead air, NO innappropriate music, NO controversial talk radio, NO advertisments promoting anyone elses business!

What happens if I don't answer?

If your line is busy or rings no answer, WorkEasy will automatically send the caller to voice mail (or attempt to reach you at a second number and then send it to voice mail). If you select to have hours of operation and a caller tries to reach you or a Department that points to you "after hours", WorkEasy will send them straight to voice mail without ringing you first.

What if I don't want to answer any calls live?

No problem! You can have your Sales and/or Customer Service options route directly to a Standard mailbox so callers can leave you a message and you get back to them. Unlike other service providers however, WorkEasy does require that you at least offer your callers a means of leaving your company a message and that you follow up with your customers in a timely manner. We have learned over the years that it is only good business practice to give your customers a means of reaching you if they have a question or concern regarding their order or credit card charges. If you don't want to give your customers the ability to leave you a message or plan on never returning their phone calls, then please seek out one of our competitors for your order taking needs.

What is an InfoBox and how's it work?

If you need to provide callers with pre-order information about your offering such as pricing, availability, shipping rates etc., you can easily do that with an InfoBox. Unlike a standard mailbox which plays a message and then prompts your caller to leave a message, an InofBox automatically returns your caller to your voice menu at the end of the message so they can make another selection (such as place an order).

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