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WorkEasy is the most professional and reliable voicemail solution designed for serious business-minded professionals. Most voicemail services are geared towards kids with beepers and multi level marketers trying to get rich quick without spending any money. What's the difference you ask?

The difference between voice mail services can lie in whether your venture succeeds or not. For example:

  • Can you clearly understand the messages left for you?
    With voice over IP or "cheap" voice processing equipment messages can sound like a bad cell phone connection!

  • Are your messages delivered on time or hours or even days later?
    Are you sure you got them at all?   Without high tech tracking and careful systems monitoring a service provider can't provide consistantly reliable service - most discount providers don't invest the time and money required for that level of support and service.

  • Did your caller get through or did they get an all circuits are busy message or even hung-up on because you had exceeded your "allowed messages' in your box?
    Many deep discount carriers may offer cheaper prices and so called "unlimited calls" but they make their profits by over selling their capacity and building big subscriber bases.   Remember the old addage, "You get what you pay for". It applies to voicemail too!

Presentation is also critical - that's what your caller hears when they dial your toll free number.   Business voicemail should be professional, easy to understand and easy to use.   It should not sound crackly, weak, garbled or robotic, and it definitely should not endorse the voicemail provider or anyone else but you (this is your business your trying to promote not theirs).

In other words, all voicemail services are not the same.   If your serious about your business then you need a serious communications solution you can depend upon!   WorkEasy's voicemail is the best!   Compare these features and see why.

The WorkEasy Advantage

  • Long, long message lengths ( up to ten minutes) so your callers won't be cut off in mid sentence (don't you hate it when that happens).
  • Your callers can listen to, delete and re-record their message to you (really nice for them).
  • WorkEasy has "true disconnect supervision" which means the system will detect when your caller hangs up and will end the call so you're only charged for the actual call duration.
  • Your mailbox greeting to them can be up to ten minutes long so you can say whatever you need to say without rushing.
  • Your callers can press zero anytime during your greeting to skip the message and begin recording their message.
  • WorkEasy will process up to five simultaneous calls to your number within no one getting a busy or ring no answer.
  • You can receive up to 250 messages a day.
  • WorkEasy will store your messages for one week.
  • Any messages you Save will be stored for you indefinitely.
  • WorkEasy gives you several notification options including pager notification, email notification and our exciting new voicemail to email which actually delivers your voice mail message as a wav file attachment to an email so all you have to do is double click on the attachment from your email browser to hear your message right over your computer's speakers.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How am I notified when I get a message?

WorkEasy gives you several notification options.

  1. We can send you an email notification letting you know when you have received a message so you can call in and listen to it from any phone in the country. Email notification identifies the day, time, city, state and even the telephone number the call came from!

  2. We can deliver the actual voicemail message to you as a WAV file attachment to the email notification so you can listen to your messages right over your PC speakers without having to take the time or incur the cost of calling your toll free number to listen to your messages.

  3. We can page your numberic or alpha numberic pager or send a notification right to your digital cell phone.

Can callers send a fax through to the same toll free number?

Sure. Adding faxmail to your account gives you the ability to receive faxes via the same toll free number as your voicemail. When you receive a fax, you can choose to have it automatically delivered to your fax line, via email so you can view it and print it from your PC or call into your toll free number and have it delivered to any fax line your at in the country!

What if in the future I decide I want to add a voice menu or have calls ring through to me - will I have to change toll free numbers?

Not with WorkEasy! We recognize that small businesses are dynamic entities that need to be able to test ideas and quickly respond to changes in their marketplace. Thats why we structured the service to allow you to quickly and easily add and remove features without the hassle of changing numbers, packages or contract terms!

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