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Common Solutions

WorkEasy is fully customizable to fit your particular needs. And changes can be made on the fly to adapt to your business evolving needs.  Check out some common applications below to learn how you can harness the power of WorkEasy for your business!

If you need help deciding what features you need, try our Interactive Wizard - it only takes a minute. Not only will it help you figure out exactly what you need but it will also give you a quote based upon your individual application!

Virtual Team Phone Service. Geographically Dispersed Teams  Your small business consist of two or more people who work from separate locations (i.e. home offices).  You want to be able to give customers single number access to everyone in your organization and project a professional unified corporate image. You also need a sophisticated solution that mirrors the ease in which traditional businesses communicate with the power and flexibility to make changes on the fly as your business's needs change. - learn more -

Home Office Phone Service.

Home-based Business  Your a one man (or woman) band starting or running your small business from home.  You want to present a larger and more professional corporate image to give your customers a sense of confidence and to level your competitive playing field.  You also need a phone answering solution that allows you to work successfully from home without sacrificing either your business or your personal life. - learn more -

Order Taking. Automated Order Taking  You want an automated solution to provide customers with information and take orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - but you may or may not want to take any calls yourself live.  You need a sophisticated yet easy to use automated solution that will easily step your callers through the order process and forward that information to you promptly and reliably. - learn more -

Virtual Office for the road warrior. Road Warrior You're on the go a lot and you want a professional yet simple front-end for your business.  You want to be able to stay in touch with callers wherever you are, but you'd also like to be able to distinguish business calls from personal and to screen your calls without your callers knowledge.  You need a virtual office solution as flexible as you are and that can keep up with your demanding needs. - learn more -

Professional toll free voice mail, virtual office phone services for the part time entrepreneur. Part-time Entrepreneur  You don't want to answer calls live but you do want to give callers an ultra professional, toll free means of responding to you.  You want a toll free voice mail service that presents you as a professional company, not a kid with a pager. You need something that's user friendly, and offers you more power and flexibility than other standard voice mail services. - learn more -
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