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Basic Service Recording Instructions

Recording your voice mailbox message is easy! Just follow the instructions and helpful tips below  quickly and easily over any touch-tone telephone.

Note: If you prefer, you may have our voice talent do your recording for you at a cost of just $20.  If you would like us to do your recording for you, please fax your typed scripts to 800-967-5327 or you may e-mail them to voicetalent@workeasy.com.

Instructions for recording your mailbox message:

  1. Dial your toll free number and as soon as you hear a ring press the star key ( * ). 

  2. Enter your 3 digit mailbox number (600) followed by your 4 digit password and then the pound key ( # ).  For example: 600 1234 #.

  3. Select option 4 from the Admin. Menu "To record messages played to callers."

  4. Select option 1 "To record Extension 600's voice mailbox greeting."

    Please note: With this product you do not have the option to have a separate "after hours" voice mailbox message so this message will play 24/7.  Please refer to the User Guide for a visual diagram of the options in the Admin. Menu.

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