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Voice Talent Services

Mic and Headphones

The voice talents are professional voices (male & female) who will record and trim your messages in a recording studio to your satisfaction. We have recorded thousands of messages for many satisfied customers including several Fortune 500s.

  • Make a great first impression.
  • No Seat Fee
  • No minimum
  • Fast Turnaround - 24 hr expidite available
  • 3-5 business day standard turnaround.
  • Need help writing your scripts? Professional Script Writing available!
  • Email your scripts now to get a fast quote.
  • Present your company as a professional, customer-minded business.
  • Thousands of satisifed business customers since 1988.
WorkEasy Subscribers: Please note that all messages (except Order Entry Mailbox questions) can be recorded over the phone by you or an acquaintance by simply calling in, log into your Admin. Menu and follow prompts. If you choose to have Voice Talent record your messages, they will loaded in their proper location.

Non-WorkEasy Customers: Email your scripts to service@workeasy.com and include your name and phone number. Someone will contact you before recording begins. Finished recordings will be emailed to you in MP3 format. Please call (800-967-5327) or email (service@workeasy.com) any questions you may have - we're always happy to help!

Message Length Cost Per Message *
Msgs. under 30 seconds  (typical message length) $20.00
Msgs. over 30 seconds but under 1 minute $50.00
Msgs. from 1 to 5 minutes $100.00
Msgs. over 5 minutes  (maximum 10 minutes) $250.00
Order Mailbox questions & instructions ** $5.00
Order Mailbox introduction & close $20.00
Expedite fee  (1 business day turn-around) *** $50.00 / group

* One-time cost per script. No royalties.
** Order Mailbox recordings must be done by WorkEasy Voice Talent due to the complexity involved.
*** Normal turn-around time is up-to 5 business days.

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